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Eterno Disperato is one of the first songs that marks the beginning of my career as a musician. The band in question is called Aruzza , from the Calabrian dialect " the Rust ". Written and arranged by my father ( Sergio Toscano ) and my cousin ( Nicola Mattia Pappaterra ) in the now distant 2010. It is a song full of emotions and with a melody that succeeds to convey all the intention of the text. This new version of mine wants to be a tribute to what has been and to all that will become of our future as Musicians.

To Sergio and Nicola.


Erre Punto is a 23-year-old Roman artist. Lately he has started to contaminate his songs with other genres thanks to the musical knowledge of his team members: Midas, Roman Meister and Mikro Damn.

The latter is the producer of "Peluche", the new single: the presence of Simone Toscano , a trained drummer and Calabrian guitarist who affects the mood of the song, accompanies him with the electric guitar both in the verses and in the refrains.

“Peluche” è una dedica alla sua ragazza, una traccia Trap con forte contaminazione Rock. Il peluche viene utilizzato come metafora: Erre racconta come dal loro rapporto abbia “preso vita”, parallelamente a cosa succede quando si dona la parola e una personalità giocando appunto con un peluche.

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